PitaPata Cat tickers

PitaPata Cat tickers

Saturday, 3 March 2012


At night Wednesday, I and my friend go to class Bel 120. We learn about 'Subject Verb Agreement'. Firstly, we learn about Agreement. Agreement is a present tense verb in English should agree with the subject of sentences. Singular subjects use singular verbs. For example,Jack robs liquor stores(s on the verb). Plural subjects use plural verbs. For example, Bonnie and Clyde rob banks(no s on the verb). Next, I learn about compound subjects using "and". Example plural is : Bert and Ernie are special friends(plural verb). Example singular is : War and Peace is a very thick book(singular verb). Next, compound subjects using "or". For example, Neither the instructor nor the students have any control over the number of 8 o'clock classes(plural verb). Either two credit cards or a membership is needed before you can rent movies(singular verb). Next, I learn about indefinite noun. There are 9 types of indefinite pronouns. For example 'every,everyone,everybody,each,neither,either,none,one,no one'. Next,collective nouns. Collective nouns is word such as 'jury, committee,or herd' will be singular when everyone in the group is acting together. Collective nouns will be plural when the members of the group are not acting together. 'Here,there and it'. When the sentence begin with here or there,the subject follows the verb and controls whether the verb is plural. For example, Here ARE my reasons for quitting(plural). Other example, There is no need to pay me next week(singular). Next, word ending in s. For example, 'economics,AIDS, physics,news'

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