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PitaPata Cat tickers

Thursday, 12 January 2012


According to the book "Men in dresses"by vernon colemon,precise figures are difficult to obtain but my research shows that in an average week 100,000 in every 1,000,000 men drees for some of the time in something soft silky or frilly .Often they just wear a camisole and panties underneath their male clothes .A growing number of men have discovered that putting on stockings and a frocks is the quickest way to escape the stressful responsibility  of being a man.The statistic had showed the number of men who want to become woman has increasing among us in newspaper ,radio ,television ,and internet.There are many causes why men being women such as partners,biological,and media influemce.


"As long as society is anti gay,then it will seem like being gay is anti social".This thought was written by Joseph Francis.People can see someone personality regarding to the individual behaviour.Furthermore ,it will give a bad perception to them .When the society sees the odd thing like man with a man they will say that it was annoying .People will isolate them and think the negative perception about them,but they do not care about the society opinion about them.Based on the satement above,there are many negative impacts of being a gay rather than positive one.