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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

today in class bel i learn how to write the poem and how to expose our feeling the poem that the title is I THINK I CAN..i think i can spend my life with travel to an of the country .i can do anything that iwant to do 
travel that can give me more knowledge 
the sun also can see me travelling..
give me more extremely activity
teach me new thing that i want to think
put the ego out and be relaxing
spend time to have more keyword
feel to love travel to all the country..

situation involve in saying goodbye

Saying good bye to friend want to move at oversea...

TAUFIQ : Hey wassup bro,long time not see you bro.

WAN : Hey, yoo bro, long time not see you too bro.

TAUFIQ : How are you?

WAN : I am fine. How about you?

TAUFIQ : I am good and now I always busy.

WAN : Owh,why you too busy?

TAUFIQ : Next week I and my family will move to overseas at London and I will stay there because my father open a new business at there.

WAN : Why you don't tell me about this from early because we have not see a long time?

TAUFIQ : Owh my friend.Sorry,that is my family decision and I must to follow them.

WAN : If this your decision , I can't say anything. I hope you still contact me if you at there.

TAUFIQ : Chill bro, we still stay contact on facebook.

WAN : Okay,take care. I pray you success in your life.

TAUFIQ : Okay,goodbye my friend.

WAN : Okay,goodbye...

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


today i watch  the movie the title is 127 hours..the movie is about the one man he like to do extreme activity..one day   he go to the desert with their bicycle ..he feel so happy and he want to do something diffreent..before he arrived at the one place,he saw 2 girls that so beautiful and he tell the girls to join he to go to the rock climbing..after that they go to swim near at the rock..he hope can see the 2 girls again..after that he go to do their extreme activity again..he like to take picture and record the video..at the time he want to take the picture suddenly one big rock fall into their body and the rock block their hand..he try to release their hand from the rock but the rock still block their hands.

today uitm organized to show the student about the cultural of china arab and they have many stall of the student that sell the food and drinks .i also have learn about chinese culltural and they have many old equipment that show the chinese people use the thing..i also buy the macaroni at my lecturer stall  ..the people at the stall very kindly and show the respect to the people..

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


i also learn about "NOUNS" they teach me how to know the thing that use  we use in our daily life..
i also know how to use nouns at the statement..
At 7/11/2011 i and my group do the assigment about P.RAMLEE movie and every group must choose 1 title and the scene of the movie to present..but i think i should improve my english language because i cannot do successful on my presentation..i also hope i can improve more power to my language to successful in my future..

List of Adjectives
A - D
List of Adjectives
A - D
List of Adjectives
 D - G
List of Adjectives
D - G
List of Adjectives
G - M
List of Adjectives
G - M
List of Adjectives
 M - R
List of Adjectives
M - R
List of Adjectives
 R - S
List of Adjectives
 R - S
List of Adjectives
 S - Z
List of Adjectives
S - Z
List of Adjectives


Saturday, 3 December 2011

First time on BEL 120 class

First day i come to uitm and i go to the BEL class. i do not know what is BEL.First time i go to the class i see miss zu have give the attention about the class.she give us task to present about us.The presentation teach us how to communicate and know more closely about our friend.last thursday i learn about =how to communnicate with people at the uitm..i and my classmate communicate and discussed about many topic at a big circle//.everyone have a partner to discussed the topic to know same or diffrent their opinion,,.we dicussed about topic "malaysian football team can go to worldcup on 2018".-we also discussed about "food" and "artist".