PitaPata Cat tickers

PitaPata Cat tickers

Saturday, 3 March 2012


Simple past tense :
>Used to describe an action or an event

>Affirmative form of simple past tense :
-Bump(base form)
-Bumped(simple past tense)
-The wagons bumped into each other when the train came to a sudden halt(example)

>Negative form of simple past tense :
-was + not , were + not(base form)
-wasn't , weren't(shortened form)
-the child was not happy to receive the gift(example)

>Interrogative or question form or simple past tense :
-was , were('be' verb)
-the child(subjects)
-happy to receive the gift?(rest of question)

Determiners :
>Other than the articles (a, an, the) there are other words that can be used to show quantity.

>Determiners used with singular countable nouns :
-one = one pirate
-each = each kingfisher
-every = every report

>Determiners used with plural countable nouns :
-a lot of = a lot of cookies
-many = many accidents
-both = both wrestlers

>Determiners used with uncountable nouns :
-some = some honey
-all = all interest
-this = this excitement

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