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PitaPata Cat tickers

Saturday, 3 March 2012


-past continuous tense is an action or something that happen in the past

-USE 1 : duration in the past
-use to talk about actions or situations that lasted for some time in the past, and whose duration time is unknown or unimportant.

-USE 2 : interrupted actions in progress
-is often used when one action in progress is interrupted by another action in the past.we usually use when or while to link these two sentences.

-USE 3 : actions in progress at the same time
-also use this tense to talk about two or more activities happening at the same. We usually use when or while to link the two sentences.

-USE 4 : timid/polite questions
-even though the sentences have a past continuous tense form, they refer to the present moment. their meaning is similar to the "could you" sentences, but they are more polite.

-USE 5 : irritation
-remember that you can also express irritation over somebody or something in the past.

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