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Saturday, 14 January 2012


On saturday ,december 20,2009 we met a pair of "PENGKID"at shopping complex ,kuala lumpur.One of them wore a tight T-shirt and jeans like man and the other one wore a blouse Sam,20 years old girl who came from kedah ,became a "pengkid"because she was raped by her boyfriend who was older than her.From that point ,she did not any attention from her family .Furthermore ,she had been influenced by her friends who had been through the same experience.She came to kuala lumpur with a male charcter and her dressing as well as guys look alike.She wanted to be a male because she would understand them and she also did not want all girls out there to be cheated by guys.Sam life was full of bad experience she seemed to have no goals in her life.Nevertherless ,few reason such as that can make a woman become a Pengkid,that is family problem ,environment ,and the past experience.

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